DC Teases Female Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond is enjoying some more time in the sun this year with a new comic book series. An [...]

Batman Beyond is enjoying some more time in the sun this year with a new comic book series. An upcoming issue is breaking new ground for the main series as a woman dons the costume to fight crime. Terry McGinnis is missing, and someone has to bring the criminals of Gotham to justice. It seems even Bruce Wayne is stumped by the question of who is flying around under that mask.

The adventures of an elderly Wayne and the younger McGinnis were continued this year by DC Comics. The Batman of the future has even seen his universe developed further in the pages of this book. An older Flash popped up this year, and that delighted some readers with more details about what happened to the other heroes that Bruce used to fight crime alongside.

Batman Beyond Woman
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Terry McGinnis has had a tough go of things lately in his self-titled series. A villain named False Face stole his costume and wiped his memory. Now, this new character has the cowl on too, but thankfully for the people of the city, they seem to have good intentions. But, that won't stop Wayne from trying to see who has stepped into his technology without permission this time.

There have been a number of different versions of Batman Beyond after the character's initial appearance in the cartoon. Damian Wayne had a turn in a similar suit not too long ago. That is to say nothing of some Elseworlds versions of the character. This time it seems that we're in for a completely new name behind the mask. Although, the possibility exists that this new ally could be an older character set to help out the Bat-family for some reason.

* written by DAN JURGENS
* art by SCOT EATON
* cover by DUSTIN NGUYEN
* variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL

The mystery of Neo-Gotham's newest protector deepens! With Terry McGinnis missing, a new, unidentified person has stepped up to replace him as protector of Gotham! Even the greatest detective of all time, Bruce Wayne, is unable to determine who's hidden behind the mask. Gotham's newest hero appears capable, but does she have what it takes to combat Terry's greatest enemy—the murderer of his father—Derek Powers, a.k.a. Blight? Or will her time as the city's guardian end in tragedy?

Batman Beyond #39 goes on sale on January 1 2020. The issue will cost $3.99. Are you excited to see the new female Batman Beyond in action?