DC Comics Asks Retailers to Destroy Copies of Superman and Supergirl

Retailers recently received a message from DC Comics regarding the upcoming issues of Superman and Supergirl, and it seems the original covers for the issues are undergoing some changes. DC let retailers know that they will be replacing both Superman #14 and Supergirl #33 with new versions that boast new covers, and the reasoning seems to be the content on the covers relating to the story that's inside. Fans are used to the covers on the front having at least the smallest tether of connection to the story inside, but due to these being scheduled out a bit ahead of time, things didn't line up correctly, and now the covers need updating, and those original covers will need to be destroyed.

DC is making both issues returnable, but retailers are to destroy the issues with the original covers when they come in. That is, of course, going to make those original covers extremely rare, as we're pretty sure at least a few will make it into the hands of fans.

The original cover of Superman featured Supes breaking through his logo and Lex Luthor trying to tempt Lois Lane into using a gift of power, with text that reads "The Last Temptation of Lois Lane!" The cover also featured the Year of Villains label at the top.

(Photo: ComicBook.com)

As for the Supergirl cover, the cover featured Supergirl battling the new Brainiac, and boasted text that read "Nothing Can Stop The New Brainiac", and you can see both original covers and the email above and below.

(Photo: DC)

You can read the entire email below.

(Photo: DC)

"Retailers, please be advised that DC will provide replacement copies of Superman #14 and Supergirl #33.

Due to advance production schedules, the covers of both issues ultimately did not reflect the contents of the stories. Replacement copies with new covers will be provided at no cost to retailers.

Retailers who receive copies of Superman #14 main and variant editions ( JUN190540 - JUN190541) or Supergirl #33 main and variant editions ( JUN190538 - JUN190539) are asked to destroy them when they arrive in stores.

The replacement copies of the Superman #14 main edition will have a new cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. This, as well as the variant edition replacement copies, are scheduled to arrive in stores on August 28 without "Year of the Villain branding on the covers.

The replacement copies of the Supergirl #33 main edition will have a new cover by Kevin Maguire. This, as well as the variant edition replacement copies, are scheduled to arrive in stores on September 4 without "Year of the Villain" branding on the covers.

Retailers will be credit for these issues on their August 21 invoices.


Because of these changes, Superman #14 and Supergirl #33 will be made returnable at a later date.

Watch for shipping updates on upcoming issues of Superman and Supergirl coming soon."