DC Comics Releases KFC: The Colonel Corps

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Last year, DC baffled and amused everybody when they released KFC: Colonel of Two Worlds, a story that introduced Colonel Sanders (the lovable fried-chicken mascot) to the concept of the DC multiverse.

Now, they're at it again, with a Crisis on Infinite Chicken going on in KFC: Colonel Corps.

Bringing together a number of Colonels from throughout DC's multiverse, the new issue (written by Tony Bedard and featuring art from Tom Derenick and Trevor Scott. Like last time, the villain is Colonel Sunder, Sanders's evil, Earth-3 counterpart.

In the issue, Sunder manages to make each of 11 Colonel Sanderses throughout the DC multiverse forget all but one of KFC's "eleven herbs and spices," setting up a mad dash through the DC multiverse in the hopes of recreating the fast food chain's secret recipe.

From Bizarro World to the 31st Century (where he meets up with Bart "Impulse" Allen!) to the worlds of Kingdom Come and Kamandi, the journey is a pretty epic one, calling to mind Evan Dorkin's Bat-Mite/Mr. Mxyzptlk crossover Worlds Funnest. Packed with inside jokes, Easter eggs, and worlds you thought had died at the end of Convergence, the title is full of surprises.


You can get a free copy on ComiXology here. If it's anything like the last one, they may be handing out physical copies at Comic Con International: San Diego later this month.

There's also a letter column -- answered, as you would expect, by The Colonel himself -- and a teaser box that suggests the next issue will be "The Chicken Time Forgot." Ordinarily this would be a funny wink-and-a-nod to an old DC title, but given the fact that we've now actually got a second issue of a KFC comic...it seems like anything is possible. Dinosaurs did evolve into birds, after all.