Warner Bros. CEO Hints at Possible DC Entertainment Streaming Service

Warner Bros. held an investors conference in which CEO and chairman Kevin Tsujihara made renewed commitment to the studio's big tentpole franchise, which include Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and, of course, the DC Comics entertainment imprints (DC Universe Animation, DC TV series and the DC Extended Universe movies).

According to Tsujihara, WB has been considering new avenues of distributing content direct to consumers, and one of their first targets is DC Entertainment, which has a "rabid" fan base, according to the CEO.

Companies focusing on direct-to-consumer programming (or 'a la carte' programming) now have the avenue of launching a streaming service, which offers specific content they want, without the same level of overhead or advertising costs that traditional broadcast media is saddled with. In that sense, The Wrap and many other business insiders are speculating that WB could launch DC-themed streaming service.

Tsujihara addressed the matter, saying, "We’ve been working on that quite feverishly over the last 12 months."

Streaming services have become the preferred method of media service in this modern day and age, with Marvel getting a leg up on the competition by launching an entire new corner of their Marvel Cinematic Universe on Netflix, which another series, Runaways, set for Hulu. Yet no superhero movie/TV show studio has launched their own service dedicated exclusively to their product; one wonders if DC Entertainment - even with all of its animated and live-action shows and movies - could fill an entire streaming service enough to convince the fans and casual viewers alike to subscribe.

Since all of the streaming service model is still pretty experimental, it remains to be seen how/where DCE can fit into the market. But if they offered the service, would you subscribe?


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