DC to Publish Round Robin Contest Finalists as Short Stories

This year's edition of DC's Round Robin tournament is getting a major twist. The contest, which allows fans to vote via social media about which title they would like to see published as a miniseries, is currently in the middle of its rounds of voting, and fans have definitely had a lot of thoughts about what series come out on top. On Thursday, it was revealed that DC will be publishing six page short stories for four of the finalists that did not make it to Round 3 of voting — Ghost Tour From Hell, Hawkman & Hawkwoman: The Changeling, Kid Flash: The Speed of Fear, and Green Lantern: Birth of a Conspiracy. The news was announced during a Q&A with DC's Round Robin editors, with confirmation that more news regarding the contest as a whole is also to come. This comes after the news that Blue Beetle: Graduation Day, which was previously a finalist in the 2021 Round Robin contest, will be published in the near future.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Hawkman & Hawkwoman: The Changeling will be written by Cavan Scott with art by Fico Ossio. In the series, Hawkman and Hawkwoman have never had children together. They know that for a fact. Then who is Hektor Hol, the hotheaded, razor-winged teen who claims to be their son? Can they trust their own memories-or each other?

Kid Flash: The Speed of Fear will be written by Brandon Easton, with art by Travis Mercer. In the series, Kid Flash (Wallace West) suddenly finds himself torn from the surface of the Earth in a cosmic storm caused by a tear in the Speed Force. As he investigates, Kid Flash learns that Reverse-Flash has merged with the dangerous entity Parallax-an entity composed of fear energy that powers the yellow rings of the Sinestro Corps. Their unholy combination crafts the unprecedented Speed Ring, which can generate enough interdimensional velocity to shatter the central battery of the Green Lantern Corps on OA. Somehow, Kid Flash has been caught up in the vortex of the creation of the Speed Ring, which destabilizes the walls of the Multiverse!

Ghost Tour From Hell will be written by Tee Franklin with art from Dominike "Domo" Stanton. In the series, after needing a change of scenery, Madame Xanadu relocates to New Orleans, Louisiana, from New York, and opens up a new shop. The grand opening of Madame Xanadu's Occult Curiosities went a bit better than expected; running a magic shop in New York is vastly different from running one in New Orleans-especially when you only take select walk-ins.

Green Lantern: The Birth of Conspiracy will be written by Scott Bryan Wilson with art from Skylar Patridge. In the series, It's 1947, and Alan Scott is part of a new breed of humans endowed with the power of gods. But he still has to work a day job, protect his personal secrets from the public, and hide his civilian identity from the government agency formed to monitor superhero activity. When he finds himself at the sites of three UFO incursions-the famous "men in black" and flying saucer sightings, and the Roswell crash-he realizes that he could lose everything. Now, as Green Lantern, imprisoned and alone on an alien planet, used as a conduit to harvest the power of the green flame, he may have to rely on three low-level government functionaries-whose job it is to spy on him-to help him put a stop to an alien genocide and hold the government accountable for hostile actions...and trust them to keep his deepest secrets secret.

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