Deadpool Director Was Once Up To Direct Lobo Movie

Miller LOBO

If Deadpool was going to team-up with someone, it very well could be DC's Lobo, aside from the whole in different universes thing.

Still, it's fun to think about. They're both crude, sarcastic, and somewhat questionable in the hero department. Beyond that, though, they're both good at their jobs. The difference is that Wade got his movie made, and it was a monster hit. Lobo on the other hand, well, he's still trying to get out of the gate.

Things might have been different though if Director of Deadpool Tim Miller had ended up working on the interstellar bounty hunter. (via Hitfix)

"I met on...Lobo two, three years ago," said Miller at the press day for the film's upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release (May 10). "They had a script then. So it's not like -- and I think they even did a test for it early on. I think it's something that filmmakers and sometimes the studios want to do [R-rated superhero movies]. They just haven't seen that they can actually make money."

Well, now they have, and Lobo is the perfect type of character suited to a rated-R film. Whether he can hold his own in a whole movie or not, well, that remains to be seen. Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs is working on a rewrite for the film now, so hopefully we'll hear some real news soon.

via Hitfix

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