Joe Manganiello Teases ‘Deathstroke’ Origin Movie

When it comes to the DC Extended Universe, fans have their go-to favorites. Some fans cheer whenever Superman comes on screen while others fawn over Wonder Woman. As for Deathstroke, the villain amassed a ton of fans when he appeared in the parting scene of Justice League. And, if all goes well, then audiences will get a lot more of the baddie.

After all, Joe Manganiello did just share a bit more information about the rumored origin film being developed for the villain.

Recently, Manganiello sat down with Chris Hardwick for the podcast ID10T. The episode, which can be found here, see the two men talk about everything from Dungeons & Dragons to old-school toys. However, it is there talk about the DCEU that got fans intrigued.

About an hour in, Hardwick asks Manganiello how he tapped into Slade Wilson and the character of Deathstroke for Justice League. It was there the actor admitted he leveled with the role by coming up with an elaborate backstory for the character, and that head-canon has expanded through some very official channels.

“There was talk of an origin movie. I’m not giving news; This was in the [news],” the actor said, nodding to reports concerning the DCEU and its work with Gareth Evans. The director has been tapped by Warner Bros. to do a villain film for the DCEU with Deathstroke, and it sounds like it could delve into the guy’s backstory.

“I spent six months prior to all those phone calls writing a backstory that was turned into sixteen pages which was turned into a treatment which went into my Skype call with Gareth.”


For now, there are very few details about Evans’ film, but Manganiello is keeping fans abreast of the project when possible. Recently, the actor teased fans that the film was still in the works during a red carpet chat at Rampage’s premiere. So, for the time being, fans will need to trust in Manganiello to steer his role right.

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