Batman Performs Brain Surgery

DC's dark knight has developed a pretty unique resume over the years, with his vigilante skills spanning acrobatics, detective work, and countless realms of science and technology. If one recently-released comic is any indication, we can now confidently add "brain surgeon" to that list. As the "Joker War" ravages its way across the world of Batman and his allies, the caped crusader has had to resort to making some unpredictable and unexpected decisions -- and this appears to be no exception. Batman worked to help save one of his most chilling adversaries, even if it involved some squeamish means. Spoilers for Detective Comics #1024 below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue continued the ongoing battle between Harvey Dent and his Two-Face persona, something that has been exacerbated by the machinations of The Joker. The internal war was thanks to a bullet stuck inside of Harvey's brain, which gradually let more and more of the Two-Face persona take over. This only became more complicated when Two-Face essentially formed his own cult, leading Harvey to reach out to Batman for help, only for both of them (including Harvey, wearing Batman's "Rookie" armor) to get bombarded by the Court of Owls. After defeating the Court of Owls, Two-Face continued to fight Batman, only for Batman to shut down the Rookie armor and leave Two-Face immobile.

detective comics 1024 batman two face brain surgery 1
(Photo: DC Comics)

To the villain's dismay, Batman used a tool to completely extract the bullet from Harvey's brain, allowing him to have control over the Two-Face persona.

detective comics 1024 batman two face brain surgery 2
(Photo: DC Comics)
detective comics 1024 batman two face brain surgery 3
(Photo: DC Comics)

The issue's ending proved just how much of an impact the surgery had on Harvey, as he sat in Blackgate providing legal advice to his fellow criminals. One of those criminals was none other than Matches Malone, Bruce's undercover alias, who gave Harvey the remains of the bullet and fled into the night.


Not only do the events of the issue prove how savvy Batman is, but it also provides a major status quo change for Harvey Dent. It's safe to assume that his Two-Face persona isn't completely eradicated, but the nature of how and when it could return remains up in the air.

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