Did DC Just Reveal Who Killed Wally West?

At the center of DC's Heroes in Crisis is a mystery of who killed the heroes who sought help [...]

At the center of DC's Heroes in Crisis is a mystery of who killed the heroes who sought help there, including Wally West. From the latest issue though, it seems we might have our answer.

Spoilers incoming for Heroes in Crisis #3, so if you haven't read it yet you've been warned.

Wally is one of several heroes who are currently staying at Sanctuary, a place designed by the Justice League to help heroes who are facing issues of a more personal nature. Sanctuary has the look of an old farmhouse, but has some impressive tech behind it, with rooms that allow for you to see whatever your mind needs to heal or deal with what is stressing you.

(Photo: DC)

That peace is interrupted though with an emergency alert throughout the complex, and Wally rushes to see what the issue is. He emerges from the house to see Arsenal dead and laying on the stairs, and then holds him and says "The Kids...I didn't want...I didn't want to be alone." As he holds him though he is hit in the head with an object that turns out to be Harley Quinn's mallet, confirmed when in the next panel she is hovering over Flash with a bloody weapon.

Booster Gold walks up to her and tells her it's his first day, and when Harley asks how things are going he says "Well...everyone's dead."

(Photo: DC)

This leads us to believe that perhaps what we're seeing here isn't real, but is, in fact, a simulation of someone's making. Perhaps this is Booster Gold's simulation, or maybe this is what Wally needs to get through his current despair of being alone, or maybe this is Harley Quinn's weird way of dealing with things. Of course, it could also just be a more straightforward answer, revealing that Harley Quinn is the one who killed Wally, Arsenal, and the rest of the heroes. For now, we'll just have to wait and see.

You can check out the spoiler images above.

Heroes in Crisis #3 is written by Tom King with art by Lee Weeks and covers by Clay Mann and Ryan Sook, and you can check out the full description below.

"Tragedies deepen as more secrets behind the "superhero hospital" called Sanctuary are revealed! What compelled Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to create it in the first place? How was it built? And if the hospital truly is alive via A.I., who — or what — is the brain of "Sanctuary?" Another layer peeled back in the biggest mystery woven through the entire DC Universe."

Heroes in Crisis #3 is in comic stores now.