Dina Meyer Reveals New Look At Batgirl Costume From 'Birds Of Prey' Series

Dina Meyer, who played Barbara Gordon on the short-lived Birds of Prey live-action series, [...]

Dina Meyer, who played Barbara Gordon on the short-lived Birds of Prey live-action series, recently shared a new photo of the Batgirl costume used on the show.

While Meyer played Oracle on the series -- a version of Barbara Gordon who gave up being Batgirl after she was paralyzed, and became a hacker who provides intel to other superheroes -- the Batgirl suit came into play periodically, either in flashbacks or even just in a glass display case a la the one Batman kept Jason Todd's Robin costume in after he died in the comics.

The image in question is a close-up taken of herself in costume with her brother, who happened to be on-set.

You can check it out below.

Birds of Prey ran for 13 episodes in 2002 and 2003 on The WB. In the series, a brutal attack by The Joker kills Catwoman and leaves Batgirl in a wheelchair. Grieving over the loss of his secret love, Catwoman, Batman leaves New Gotham to fend for itself. Afterward, Batgirl redefines herself as "Oracle" and takes the secret daughter of Batman and Catwoman, "Huntress," under her wing. When a third young woman, Dinah, is drawn to the other women with her psychic ability, the trio becomes the Birds of Prey. They commit themselves to battling The Joker and New Gotham's other criminals.

While the show did not last long, The WB (which would later become The CW) obviously maintained a relationship with both DC Comics in general and the character of Dinah/Black Canary specifically. Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy play variations on that character in Arrow now.

Despite being name-dropped on both Arrow and Titans, the character of Barbara Gordon has not appeared again in live action since Birds of Prey. There is a movie featuring Barbara Gordon's Batgirl currently in development, as well as a Birds of Prey film that will reportedly not feature the character.

Birds of Prey is avaiable on DVD and digital platforms to purchase, or you can stream it free with a paid account on the DC Universe app.