'Doom Patrol': Is Crazy Jane Secretly a Time Traveler?

When it comes to the heroes of Doom Patrol, Crazy Jane might be the most powerful, on multiple [...]

When it comes to the heroes of Doom Patrol, Crazy Jane might be the most powerful, on multiple levels. Not only does she have some significantly mighty powers, the fact that each of her 64 personalities have their own superpower means that what she doesn't have in strength she makes up for in quantity -- provided she can flip through those powers at will, something we've seen her do in the face of various threads and situations on the series.

But while we've seen what some of her powers can do, like Silver Tongue's ability to turn words into literal weapons or Flit's ability to teleport, there are so many personalities and powers we've yet to meet. Now, given events in the two most recent Doom Patrol episodes -- "Paw Patrol" and "Doom Patrol Patrol", we can't help but wonder if time travel is one of those powers.

The idea that Jane might have some time-related powers is one that sort of has its roots in the Doom Patrol pilot. When Cliff is introduced to Jane, Rita notes that the multi-personality member of their family comes and goes as she pleases and hasn't been home in roughly a quarter of a century. That episode also reveals that Jane first met The Chief in the 1970s and yet, she doesn't look like she could possibly have been an adult in the 1970s. While none of the characters on Doom Patrol appear their real ages, for the bulk of the team that can be pretty easily explained. Cliff's a robot, Larry is covered in bandages, and Rita's body can melt and shift and stretch so it would make sense that she could maintain an ageless appearance. As far as we know at this point, there's no real explanation for Jane's youthful appearance.

But that's not the only clue. In "Paw Patrol", we actually see Jane's life in the 1970s, from the time she was forcibly given her powers in 1976 through to when she came into The Chief's care later on. In one of those moments, we actually see Jane in a punk club having a violent, wonderful time dancing. While her fun is limited and she's soon captured and brought back to the mental hospital, her outfit is curious. Her shirt is emblazoned with the words "Time Travel F**k Missile". While that same phrase appears on the wall of the club meaning it could be the name of the band, it could also be a hint.

There's also the fact that Mr. Nobody and The Chief specifically use Jane as the person to attempt to stop the end of the world by creating a cult to counter the Decreator. While Mr. Nobody is seen rifling through time to find the exact right moment in Jane's life to make it so, one could make the case that the reason the villain is able to do that in the first place is that Jane, unlike the rest of the time, isn't as bound to fixed places in time as the others would be because she has some power over it. One could go even further and look at the fact that there's a room for Jane at the school the original Doom Patrol is living in in this week's episode might be less about Niles assuming Jane will eventually need to be locked up the way those heroes are and more that she's already been there in some capacity before.

There's also some evidence that Jane may not have time travel powers per se, but they could be a part of Flit's general power structure. In comics, Flit is shown to be able to teleport through space and other dimensions. It's not impossible that time is one of them, though she's never directly been shown to time travel. If Jane does have a time travelling personality, it will be interesting to see what impact that power set has on not just Jane but the team itself as they continue to deal with The Chief's abduction as well as their own traumas and personal demons.

Doom Patrol is now streaming on DC Universe with new episodes launching every Friday.

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