'Doom Patrol': The Team Faces Their Shortcomings in "Frances Patrol" Promo

After spending most of the most recent episode, "Hair Patrol", exploring Niles's origin story, the upcoming eleventh episode of DC Universe's Doom Patrol will bring things back to the present with both Larry and Cliff seeking to reconnect with those they love. And, in a new promo for the episode, entitled "Frances Patrol", it looks like Cliff will get a bit of perhaps misguided help from Rita with that process.

In the promo, which you can check out in the video above, Rita attempts to work Cliff through some calming exercises. Unfortunately, they all require the use of a body -- something Cliff, who is literally a brain in a robot body -- doesn't exactly have. Also in the promo Jane, who we've not really seen since her return from The Underground and supposed defeat of Daddy, doesn't seem to be particularly optimistic about the odds of saving Niles or about their own skills to do so.

Of course, while not featured in the promo, Larry will also have his own issues to deal with. The episode will see Larry reach out to his long-lost love, something of a huge step for the character as viewers have previously seen most of the romantic aspects of Larry's past as being huge sources of pain for him. This visit to his former love is one that many fans will see as real growth for the character, something that Matt Bomer previously explained in an interview appealed to him about the role.

"I've never really seen a gay, male superhero, and what I love most about the character is that, even though it's a huge struggle, internally, for him, it's not the sole thing that defines who he is," Bomer said. "He's such a multi-faceted character. If it had just been one stereotypical thing, I think I would have had more reservations about it, but the fact that he is this nuanced character who has so many places to grow, and he has so much shadow and so much light that he doesn't even know he has, is what appealed to me, just as much as his sexuality."

You can check out the official synopsis for "Frances Patrol" below.


While Larry pays a visit to his lost love, John – both in real life and in the Dreamscape – Cliff travels with Rita down to Gator Country to reconnect with his daughter, Clara, after 30 years. Meanwhile, Jane and Vic pursue the "Hero of the Beach" aka Flex Mentallo. But Vic's worried that his operating system (Grid) might have its own agenda.

Doom Patrol is now streaming on DC Universe. "Frances Patrol" debuts Friday, April 26.