Doom Patrol: Prepare to Meet Your Doom in the Season 1 Finale Promo

It's all been leading up to this. Next week, the group of misfit heroes that make up DC Universe's [...]

It's all been leading up to this. Next week, the group of misfit heroes that make up DC Universe's Doom Patrol will find themselves at the season finale and while they've succeeded in their season-long mission to find the Chief this week, they've been hit with quite a twist. Their beloved Chief isn't exactly everything they thought he was and now, that revelation may just spell, well, doom.

DC Universe has released a promo for "Ezekiel Patrol", the upcoming Season 1 finale of Doom Patrol and you can check it out in the video above. The promo doesn't really reveal much about the upcoming episode -- it appears to be made up mostly of footage from previous episodes and promos -- but two things are a clue that it could be a wild ride. The first is the instructions to "prepare to meet their doom" which certainly sounds ominous, as well as the episode's title.

Fans of Doom Patrol may recall that Ezekiel is actually Ezekiel the Cockroach, a deeply religious doomsday prophet who is in fact a cockroach. Ezekiel has been shouting predictions of humanity's fall since the show's second episode and while we haven't seen him for a bit, as we've seen from the episode naming conventions of the series, the fact that Ezekiel is featured in the finale title means the cockroach will probably have a significant role to play. It's something that makes sense when you also consider that the mini-synopsis for "Ezekiel Patrol" notes that "the Doom Patrol go their separate ways in the season finale".

If the team ends up going their separate ways it very well may open the way for Mr. Nobody to bring about some sort of reality-ending cataclysm or, maybe even worse, take the opportunity to bend the world to his will. Whatever it is, with Mr. Nobody being a failed member of the Brotherhood of Evil, the season finale is sure to be a wild ride, one that promises to be just as whacky as the Grant Morrison comics it's based on.

"Oh yeah, yeah. No it was easily, easily the weirdest show," Diane Guerrero, who plays Crazy Jane, told ahead of the series premiere. "I read the comic books before I had a chance to even read the script so I go, 'Oh this is gonna be, this is unlike anything I've ever seen before' and I was really enticed by that. And then of course when you get the script, and you see the language is amazing, the writing is just great, now you think, 'how the hell are they going to do this?' I'm not too savvy about the CGI world or like that kind of, the effects stuff but they're really making it work and so it's really fun to see. I believe we're sort of living in a very wacky world ourselves so, I think that this isn't really too much of a stretch from what we've been seeing, especially the state of our country now so, it's kind of like good to be on a show that sort of puts all of that wackiness at the forefront and makes you deal with it whether you like, if you decide to watch, then you'll have to deal with that whether you like it or not or whether it makes you uncomfortable."

Doom Patrol is now streaming on DC Universe. The season finale, "Ezekiel Patrol", debuts Friday, May 24.