Doom Patrol Star Skye Roberts Talks Playing Kay Challis in the HBO Max Series

While HBO Max's Doom Patrol largely centers on the adventures and challenges of the adult misfit heroes that make up the would-be titular team, there's another critical character that has been part of the series from the very beginning. That character is Kay Challis, the girl who, due to terrible childhood trauma developed more than 64 personalities, each with various superpowers. It's those personalities, currently led by Jane (Diane Guerrero) who function in the real world while Kay remains protected deep inside. However, in Season 3 of the series, Kay has begun making great strides and being more present of a figure in her own life, working closely with Jane as she grows and develops.

Playing Kay is Skye Roberts. The talented young actress has been part of Doom Patrol from the beginning and Roberts recently told that she's honored that the show continues to be a fan-favorite and that they've responded positively to her work as Kay.

"I'm like, honored, and it makes me really happy knowing that people love my acting and that people love the show for what the whole cast and all the directors worked hard for," Roberts said. "And when I was acting on set, it was like, they were a family and since I've been there for three seasons, it's been three years with the whole cast."

As the "real" person all of Crazy Jane's personalities are part of, Roberts naturally works most closely with Guerrero. According to Roberts, Guerrero is not only just a nice person "in real life" that she enjoys working with, but the older actor has given Roberts solid advice and guidance on her performances as well.

"Most of my scenes are with Diane Guerrero," Roberts said. "She's also a very nice person in real life. She studies hard and she also gives great advice. Like when you're trying to cry on set, to be honest, it is kind of hard sometimes to try and get yourself to bring moments that happened in the past to life again. But she has great tips and she's also a very kind person."

Roberts also had praise for other members of Doom Patrol's cast, including Brendan Fraser, who plays Cliff Steele/Robotman.

"In the first season I worked with Brendan Fraser," Roberts said. "He's a very nice guy. He has a very funny personality, and he's sort of unique."

As for her own work, Season 3 has seen Kay grow and mature a great deal from where fans first met her in Season 1 and it's that evolution that Roberts said is one of her favorite things about being part of Doom Patrol.

"I like seeing how she's evolved over the seasons. She used to be someone who was stuck in a shell and she had no one to help her and she was very sad and she was scared and she was alone," she explained. "And then she met Jane. I'm not sure how early they met, but I can see how she evolved from this scared kid to this mature, older person who now knows how to take care of herself."

Doom Patrol is now streaming on HBO Max with new episodes arriving on Thursdays. The series has been renewed for Season 4.