'Doom Patrol' Set Photos Show New Look at Crazy Jane

The main characters of Doom Patrol may have already been introduced to viewers on Titans, but now we have a different look at one of the team's newest recruits.

A new series of set photos from Hollywood Pipeline, which you can check out in the tweet below, show Diane Guerrero filming as Crazy Jane for the upcoming DC Universe series. The photos show Jane in a much different outfit from Doom Patrol's promo material, as she appears to be escaping a truck marked "Corpus Santorum", makes friends with a nearby dog, and eats a pretzel.

In the comics, "Crazy" Jane Morris is an alternate personality of Kay Challis, a woman who has 64 different personalities as a result of dissociative identity disorder. Once she is exposed to an alien "gene bomb", each of Jane's personalities is given a different super-power.

While it's unclear at this point exactly how Jane's powers will be presented within Doom Patrol, the notion that she is making her way into live-action is sure to excite some fans.

Co-starring alongside Guerrero in Doom Patrol will be Timothy Dalton as The Chief, April Bowlby as Elasti-Girl, Dwain Murphy as Negative Man, Matt Bomer as the voice of Negative Man, Jake Michaels as Robotman, Brendan Frasier as the voice of Robotman, and Jovian Wade as Cyborg.

You can view the synopsis for Doom Patrol below.

"Doom Patrol is a reimagining of one of DC's strangest group of outcasts: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane. Led by the mysterious Dr. Niles Caulder they're called into action by the ultimate hero for the digital age, Cyborg. Banding together these rejects find themselves on a mission that will take them to the weirdest and most unexpected corners of the DC universe."


Doom Patrol will debut on February 15th on DC Universe.