Every Actor in Suicide Squad Was First Choice for Casting

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Superhero films have entered a sort of renaissance period, where no high-profile actor or actress is truly off limits.

That wasn't always the case, but when comic based films and TV shows starting bringing in billions of dollars, Hollywood took notice. Now it's not uncommon to have several of Tinseltown's elite attached to a given comic property, and the same can be said for David Ayer's upcoming Suicide Squad.

Producer Richard Suckle spoke during a set visit Comicbook.com attended about the casting of Suicide Squad, which features a wealth of acting talent that includes stars like Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jared Leto, and many others. Suckle described the casting process as something he's never dealt with in his entire career.

"To that point, it was the first movie I think that I ever worked on where the first choice of who we all wanted were not only available but we got. Every actor, the first choice that we discussed, it just happened to work out, which was a real amazing thing. Sometimes casting can take months and months and months, especially when you're talking about putting together the right look for an ensemble film, which of course this is."


With such a vast cast, it is amazing that how quickly it came together, and not having to really go for a plan B is just about unheard of in Hollywood.