'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "The Death of Vibe"

'The Death of Vibe' begins with a flashback shot of a young Nora walking through The Flash museum. [...]

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"The Death of Vibe" begins with a flashback shot of a young Nora walking through The Flash museum. As the narrator, Nora reveals that the exhibit featuring Cicada was the scariest — not because of the noise he makes but because of the fact that nobody ever catches him in the future. Not Team Flash, the Legends, or even the Justice League. Nora then reveals that this timeline's Cicada made his arrival earlier than in her timeline.

An alert from Joe goes off and Ralph goes downtown to help out. He arrives to thwart the robbery of an organic foods store.

Thinking of ways to stop Cicada, Nora tells her parents that in her timeline, they didn't bring in a Wells to help out so that if they do that in this timeline, they might have a shot at catching Cicada. Cisco uses his powers to vibe a new Wells to Earth-1, a private investigator that goes by Sherloque Wells.

In his lair, Cicada is examining photos of various crime scenes and makes note of Joe being at most of the meta-involved scenes.

Sherloque makes his pitch to Team Flash and after hearing his expertise, they're forced to hire him. Sherloque reads through the evidence the team has already gathered. He states he thinks he has an idea where Cicada is hiding and he heads out with Barry, Iris, Nora, and Cisco.

Caitlin convinces Ralph to stay behind to help her investigate the case of her father's phony death certificate. They go to visit Caitlin's mom, but she claims she knows nothing about the situation.

Barry and Nora race to a farm outside of town and Sherloque walks them through the area. Barry and Nora catch a man running from the scene and they track him down.

At home, Joe's reading the newspaper and he's approached by the real Cicada. Cicada orders Joe to call Vibe to the house but after Joe refuses, Cicada knocks the detective out.

Later in the day, Caitlin and Ralph break into the files at Caitlin's mom's office and they start finding paperwork for Caitlin's childhood. They soon uncover a suicide note from Caitlin's dad.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry walks in to tell the team that the man they captured wasn't the real Cicada. Sherloque explains that Hirsch is typically the normal Cicada on other Earths, as he's solved the case 37 previous times. Barry and Nora argue about what steps to take next and an upset Nora eventually speeds off.

When Joe eventually comes to, he finds himself tied down to a chair. Cicada tells Joe that he should start worrying about his family. Cicada starts shocking him with his dagger.

Nora calls Barry and Iris to inform him that Sherloque has apparently been vaporized to ash. When they're examining the ash, Cisco walks in to tell them that it's tea leaves and Sherloque has staged his own death. Barry speeds around the lab and immediately finds the shady detective.

Ralph apologizes for pushing Caitlin harder to investigate her dad's fake death certificate.

Cecile wakes up in a sweat as she's regained the ability to read minds. She sneaks downstairs and presses the distress button, alerting to Team Flash to their house but is soon caught by Cicada. Cisco vibes into their house and Cicada tackles him right back into the breach.

Cisco radios over the comm system that the breach took him to a random forest and he's unable to breach back out. Sherloque hops on the comms system and begins asking Cisco various questions about the forest. Sherloque eventually narrows down the forest and Barry speeds off.

Cicada's able to render both of Cisco's and Barry's powers useless and Nora speeds off to go help them. She tries throwing a weapon to Cisco to use on Cicada but the villain hits it with his dagger, causing it to explode. The ensuing explosion apparently incinerates Cisco, only leaving behind his glasses and gauntlets.

Barry's examining the crater left behind when Cisco vibes back into the forest without his costume. Cisco reveals that Nora told him they had to fake his death otherwise Cicada would keep after them.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry and Iris invite Nora to start living at their house.

Caitlin starts researching the files they took from her mother's office and she discovers one of the fake elemental charts her father created was a key to find him, revealing he didn't creat suicide after all.

Joe's talking to Iris about Cicada and he reveals he thinks Cicada is a father.

And unmasked Cicada visits the hospital where his daughter is in a coma.

The episode closes with Sherloque asking Nora a series of questions. Nora's hesitations during the questioning shows she might have had somebody else influence her to travel back in time.