Freddie Prinze Jr. Dresses as Hawkman in Hilarious New GEGGHEAD Video

After making tons of GEGGHEAD videos as DC's Red Hood, Freddie Prinze Jr. has decided to switch gears and try out a new character: Hawkman. The short but hilarious new sketch from Prinze Jr.'s group shows him decked out in a very impressive costume while the video advertises, "Don't fly commercial. Fly Hawkman."

In addition to Prinze Jr., the new video also includes the voice of Vanessa Marshall, who is best known for her countless voice acting roles, which include Star Wars Rebels, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, and Young Justice.

GEGGHEAD is swarming with fun content like this. The group was founded by Prinze Jr., Jon Lee Brody, and Clare Grant, and focuses on "Board/Deck Games, Video Games, Table Top Games, Combat Sports, MMA, Sketch Comedy, and more!"

Brody, a producer, actor, and director who has had cameos in films such as Furious 7 and Star Trek Into Darkness, spoke to about the latest video, and revealed why they decided to give Hawkman some (literal) air time.

"I always like to show mad love to superheroes that don't get a lot of love. Hawkman is one of them. I mean, Carter Hall is an Egyptian God. And he reincarnates every generation. How cool is that? Plus it only makes sense he'd have his own airline. He was royalty after all," Brody joked.

GEGGHEAD has also graced us with tons of Red Hood and Nightwing videos, including stakeouts that involve the characters arguing about the Batmobile, debating the merits of calling 911, and beatboxing to the Backstreet Boys.

Outside of GEGGHEAD, Brody's latest project is Office Uprising, an action/comedy/horror film he executive produced that features Brenton Thwaites, Zachary Levi, Jane Levy, Alan Ritchson, and Karan Soni. It was also recently announced that Prinze Jr. was cast as a lead in the new Nancy Drew pilot from The CW.

Check out more GEGGHEAD content on their YouTube or Facebook pages.


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