Funko's Val Kilmer 'Batman Forever' Pop Figure is Live


Last month at London Toy Fair, Funko unveiled a special wave of Funko Pop figures in honor of Batman's 80th anniversary. The figures covered versions of Batman that include his first appearance in 1939, the classic Adam West Batman, and the Michael Keaton Batman that kicked off the modern era. Now they've added a figure to the collection that's based on Val Kilmer's turn as the character in the 1995 film Batman Forever.

The Batman 1995 80th Anniversary Pop figure is available to pre-order right here with shipping slated for August. Not surprisingly, the 80th anniversary collection of Batman Pops has been super popular, so reserve the 1995 Batman Forever version while you still can.


As for the rest of Funko's 80th anniversary Batman Pop figure collection, you can pre-order them all right here with shipping slated for various points between March and August.

The wave includes a 1950 Batmobile Pop Ride figure, a Batman 1972 Comic Moment Figure, a 1989 Batman Movie Moment figure, and individual Pops for the original 1939 Batman and the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman. The official description for the two standalone Batman Pop figures reads:

"The Dark Knight is turning 80 and all of Gotham City is celebrating its favorite DC Super Hero from Wayne Manor to Arkham Asylum. DC first introduced Batman in Detective Comics #27, released back in 1939. Since then, Batman has appeared in countless comics, video games, television episodes (animated and live action), movies, battled epic Super-Villains and become a cornerstone of pop culture. Celebrate 80 years of the Dark Knight with a Pop! depicting 1939 Batman illustrating the evolution of the Super Hero’slook over the decades. The 1989 Batman Pop! offers a more modern interpretation of the Batsuit."


On a related note, Funko dropped what seemed like a record number of Pop figures at NY Toy Fair this past weekend. Pre-orders are live now, and you can find out where to get all of them via our master list. However, we highly suggest that you start with the following releases, as they have been the most popular:


My Hero Academia Deku Exclusive
The Office Pops
Post Malone Pop
The Simpsons Pops
Jaws Pops
The Addams Family Pops (especially the Morticia and Gomez 2-pack)
Xena Pop
Ghostbusters Pops
BTS Pops
Yu Yu Hakusho Pops

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