SPOILER Dies in Gotham Series Finale

The very last episode of Gotham aired on Thursday night and, just as promised, gave Batman his series debut. Yes, the Dark Knight of Gotham City has arrived, and many of the other characters from the series have taken on their comic-accurate personas, completing the origin story of the ever-popular fictional city. However, while most of these characters are destined for bigger and better things, one of them didn't make it out alive.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from the series finale of Gotham! Continue reading at your own risk...

We knew going into this finale that characters like Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, and Jim Gordon would still be alive when the series came to a close. However, there are other characters that aren't as tied to Batman's story, making them a little more disposable. One such character is Francesca Root-Dodson's Ecco, Gotham's take on Harley Quinn, who met her end in this finale.


It was Ecco who broke Jeremiah out of Arkham and helped him organize his plot to take out Bruce Wayne. And it was Ecco who accompanied Bruce to Barbara's old club, to steal her and Jim's daughter, Barbara Lee. While Ecco had Barbara at knife-point, Barbara Lee came to her mother's aid, throwing something at Ecco to distract her for just a moment. Barbara took this opportunity to escape, and in doing so she managed turn the knife on Ecco, giving her what appeared to be a lethal wound.

Once Jeremiah knocked out Barbara he turned his attention to Ecco, who noted that she had been injured (although she had a very creepy smile on her face). Jeremiah told her there would never be another like her, but that he could always find some other fish in the sea. He pulled his gun and shot her, finishing the job that Barbara started.

This final line to Ecco from Jeremiah was essentially a tease for the eventual arrival of Harley Quinn. He established that Ecco was special but explained that he would be able to replace her with someone similar. We won't ever see this Harley Quinn since the series is over. That's okay, though, because Ecco was a fantastic alternate that constantly made the character exciting and unique.

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