Gotham: Huge Joker Easter Egg Spotted in Pinewood


It was pretty hard to miss, but another Joker Easter Egg was in tonight's episode of Gotham.

When Mr. Freeze made his appearance, coming after Professor Hugo Strange's first "success," his imposing armored up frame was next to something even more intimidating for Batman fans. Two eyes were accompanied by a smile made out of "HA!"s as the biggest Joker Easter Egg yet.

(Photo: FOX)

With these sorts of things - from playing cards to graffiti coming more and more frequently, it sure seems like Gotham is building to something major with The Joker. After all, we did see Jerome, the show's proto-Joker who inspired all this graffiti in one of those tubes in Indian Hill, and Hugo Strange is working on reviving the dead. Could Jerome still be The Joker in the Gotham universe? They don't drop these shots in for nothing, so we're betting we'll be seeing more hints - and maybe Jerome himself - before the season is over.


Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.