'Gotham' - "Who Is the Joker" Promo Released

The time has arrived! The Joker is finally ready to debut on Gotham!

After tonight's new episode of Gotham, which featured Jerome breaking himself and some other notable villains out of Arkham Asylum, the promo for next week's episode aired, just as it always does. However, the preview for this episode, titled "A Dark Knight: Mandatory Brunch Meeting," was different than all the rest.

This promo brought up the Joker, confirming that he does exist in the world of Gotham. Watch the full preview in the video above!

Most of the footage in the 30 second clip centers around a robbery in Gotham City. Jerome, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze, and other villains are armed and dangerous, putting fear into the hearts of civilians. The footage was exciting, but nothing like the text that followed.

As the faces of these villains flashed onto the screen, the words "Who Is The Joker?" also appeared. The promo made it seem as though the identity of the character is a mystery, and more will be revealed next week.


We know that Jerome isn't the Joker, so this likely means that a new character will emerge in next week's episode. This appearance could also have a direct correlation to the information Jerome got from his uncle in tonight's episode. We know that the villain is heading to a school called St. Ignatius, and that he's looking for someone there. Could this be the other character Cameron Monaghan is playing this season.

More will be revealed next Thursday when "Mandatory Brunch Meeting" airs on FOX.