'Gotham' Fans Launch Petition to Keep Series Going After Season 5

FOX is preparing to bring Gotham to an end next year, but some fans of the Batman prequel series aren't willing to let it go just yet.

Weeks after it was announced that Gotham's fifth and final season would be a shortened order, likely just 10 episodes in total, one fan has started a petition to say that this order just isn't enough. This petition, found on Change.org, aims to convince FOX and Warner Bros. to keep the show going past its Season 5 finale.

A fan named Denver Braganza is directing the petition to executive producer Bruno Heller, saying that Gotham deserves to air for more than five seasons, saying it's "by far the BEST DC TV series produced yet."

Braganza goes on to offer some suggestions to the producers of the show, saying that there are options out there in order to keep the show going. While they may not be entirely realistic, here are the five "solutions" the fan has come up with to keep Gotham on the air.

  1. "Don't end it with Season 5. Maybe move it to another network after Season 5."
  2. "Call it something like Season 10 or Season 20 so that it feels like the end but it could make a comeback to continue the story in-between Season 4 and the end and could continue later on another network or be renewed on Fox itself."
  3. "Make separate shows for few or at least one of the best villains (same Gotham actors probably the Penguin) and merge it back into Gotham when it can be revived."
  4. "Drop Gotham Season 5 from Fox and take time to find a better solution to #KeepGothamGoing. Fans can wait. (Maybe this is not possible because the Fox schedule has already been fixed)"
  5. "Like I said above make a separate network for DC shows or urge DC to make one. There are a more DC shows coming up. And there are lots of animated DC movies/series that could run on it. The #CWNetwork could probably help with this."

It's unlikely that the petition will change the minds of the network or producers, considering a decision has already been made and the writers are beginning work on the final season as we speak. But, if fans think there is even a glimmer of hope that they can save their beloved series, it's certainly worth it for them to try.

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