'Gotham's Anthony Carrigan on Victor Zsasz's Role in Season 5

When Gotham begins its fifth and final season on FOX next year, we know where we'll find most of the show's most beloved characters. Bruce and Jim will be fighting off the apocalypse in the empty streets of Gotham, Alfred and Selina will be in a hospital somewhere, and Penguin will be causing all sorts of chaos in his new sector of the city.

Every major character has a specific direction heading into Season 5. Well, all of them except for the ever-smiling, fan-favorite assassin, Victor Zsasz.

We didn't get to see much of Zsasz in the second half of last season, especially after Sofia Falcone was put into a coma. However, that doesn't mean we've seen the last of him.

While promoting the digital release of Barry Season 1, Anthony Carrigan took some time to speak with ComicBook.com about his role on Gotham heading into the final stretch.

"Well, I'm curious myself," Carrigan admitted. "I'm excited that we got a fifth season. I'm very, very happy for everyone on Gotham. They totally deserve it, and deserve to kind of really, really, really tie it up together nicely. And also I was happy too because Victor Zsasz essentially left to go get a milkshake. That was, like, the last line that he has, and I was like, 'He can't just go get a milkshake and never come back again. Come on.'

"But I think it seems like they're going to be going in some interesting directions in this next coming season, and definitely keeping everyone on their toes, and surprising everyone. And, yeah, I'm excited. I'm excited for how Victor Zsasz could be kind of from in that world, and bringing something new to the table."

As to whether or not Carrigan has had any discussions about the direction of his character in Season 5, it sounds like the Gotham writers and creative team are keeping the cards pretty close to their chest.

"I mean, I'm pretty much waiting to find out, you know? That's an actor's life," he said. "You're just kind of waiting for the script, and then you do it. Every once in awhile you get a little tidbit of where it's going to go, but I like to ... I don't know. I like to be surprised by it. I like to kind of unwrap the present once we're about to do it, and then just dive right in."

Still, with a shortened season to wrap things up one has to wonder, is Zsasz definitely going to be around for the final installment?

"I'm going to give you a maybe on that," Carrigan laughed. "There's a lot of things up in the air right now. But, you know, I love playing Victor Zsasz, and it would be a total honor to kind of go back and do it, but like I said, there's a lot of factors at play."


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