Grammys Red Carpet Fashion Being Compared To Batman Villain Outfits Goes Viral

The 2020 Grammys was a pretty somber affair in light of the death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, but that doesn't mean there wasn't some fun to be had, still. As always, the Grammys weren't just about the music - there were the celebrities all making appearances for the event, draped in some of the most eye-catching fashion of the year (for better and for worse). Fashionistas often try to frame major cultural events within some kind of overall fashion trend, but the for the Grammys, it may be one industry pundit's tweet comparing Grammys fashion to Batman villains that wins the day!

When EW's Marc Snetiker saw musical artists like Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Ariana Grande, and Pose star Billy Porter all show up to the Grammys in bold and/or colorful designs, there was only one thing that went through his mind: "why does everyone look like a new Batman villain".

Naturally, that comment thrown out into the Twittersphere only ignited a flame-war of opinion and reaction. The viral success of the tweet indicates that a lot of people found the Grammys fashion and Batman villain comparison apt, and funny. Of course, when dip into the comment threat of the post also shows that some people took the comment in a very bad way. The Fashionista world clapped back with comments that Snetiker had no real comprehension of fashion (or good taste in general); the bigger unexpected grenade to go off was within the LGBTQ+ community. Apparently, in the opinions of many within that community, there's been a longstanding tradition in pop-culture media of tying the flamboyancy and its fashion expressions to the idea of villainy:

Whatever your take on the socio-political implications of the discussion of celebrity fashion and its critics, it is kind of hard to argue that Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, and Billy Porter don't look just like villains out of the '60s Batman TV series, or the Joel Schumacher films. Hell, in her full mask and glasses, with those nails, Eilish looks like she could be straight out of the Nolanverse!


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