Harley Quinn Cartoon Bleeps First Curse Word

The Harley Quinn animated series in the DC Universe streaming service has been able to push a lot of boundaries on violence and language. However, the series may have finally found its limit. The Warner Brothers-owned streaming service has, for the first time, censored the a word from airing. Although there is a limit to how many times the series can use the F-word, the animated show has a strong zero-tolerance policy for a certain four-letter bad word which starts with the letter "c." In the most recent episode of the Harley Quinn series, that particular word is beeped out, marking the first true censorship within the series.

The censorship of the infamous "c-word" comes in Harley Quinn's most recent episode, at about the 2:40 mark.

Warner Bros. knew they were going to be getting an R-rated take on Harley Quinn when they approached the show's creators Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumaker. "We were actually approached by Warner Brothers in 2016 or so, got a phone call from the head of Script and Development there and she said to us, 'How do you guys feel about developing an R-rated Harley Quinn show?'" Schumaker explained to Comicbook.com at New York Comic-Con. "We immediately said 'Yes, of course, 'as anyone would, it was sane, and then, yeah, I think that maybe they didn't quite expect the level of R rating? Maybe we were into the NC-17 territory with the violence and the objectionable language, ah yeah."

"They saw the first episode and they were like, wow that's a lot [expletive] of in an episode," Halpern added.

"By like, episode two we had 21 [expletive] in it," Schumaker explained. "21 F-words in it and that's basically a [expletive] a minute and they were like, 'No you gotta like, put a cap on it.' So, we actually got like, a number from them I don't know if it was completely arbitrary or not but the show still works with only 8 a show."


Are you enjoying the Harley Quinn animated series? Do you think eight F-words is enough for each episode of the series intended for mature audiences or should there be no limit? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram or Twitter!

The Harley Quinn animated series is available now on the DC Universe streaming service.