How 'Doom Patrol's Cyborg Is Different From 'Justice League's Cyborg

Some fans might be clamoring for Ray Fisher to reprise his role as Cyborg from Justice League, but there's a new hero in town when Doom Patrol premieres in DC Universe.

The mature series will have a decidedly different take on the former Teen Titan member, with Jovian Wade playing the young Victor Stone as he tries to find his way as a superhero. While the character has a lot in common with both the big screen and comic book versions, there will be a major change as he joins the strange Doom Patrol instead of the League or the Titans.

"DC has made a decision, quite smartly, to separate the cinematic world and the television world," said executive producer Sarah Schecter during a presentation at the TCAs.

Wade himself addressed the uniqueness of his own version of Cyborg, explaining that he's not as sure of himself as the version we've seen in Justice League and in the Teen Titans cartoon.

"It’s a different version of any other version and an opportunity for me to have my take on it," explained Wade. "It’s an earlier cyborg — he’s coming into his powers and a long way off to the Justice League. There’s a distinction between this version others."

The producers also backed up previous claims that the show would not crossover with The CW's own Arrowverse. CW's network president Mark Pedowitz confirmed earlier in the week there were "no discussions" to crossover shows like Arrow and The Flash with Doom Patrol and Titans.

In fact, even though Titans set up the new spinoff series, Doom Patrol will be following its own continuity. This was teased by the series casting its own version of the Chief, with Timothy Dalton playing the role instead of Bruno Bichir.

Showrunnner Jeremy Carver revealed the series will maintain a separate continuity from Titans, and that Doom Patrol "is dipping into different versions of the Doom Patrol over the years."

So fans can expect plenty of weirdness taking from the Grant Morrison and Gerard Way runs from the series.


Doom Patrol drops on DC Universe this Friday, February 15th.

[h/t Deadline]