Hulu Announces New Documentary Line, Will Include Batman, James Bond, And More

Batman HULU Documentary

Streaming services are always looking for new avenues to bring original content to their users, and Hulu is looking to pop culture for some inspiration.

The service announced a new Limelight Documentary series, which will be exclusive to Hulu (via Polygon). According to Vice President of Global Content Craig Erwhich, its been in the works for awhile, and he views the series as "a great opportunity for Hulu's original line to grow."

Limelight will focus on popular properties like Batman and James Bond to get things started, with the Batman one focused on discovering the "real" creator of the character, while the Bond feature will center around actor George Lazenby, who left the role after just one film.

In addition to Batman and Bond, future projects will include a look at the Dana Carvey Show and why it failed, the MTV series Jackass and how its roots began in a skateboarding magazine, one focused on the CBS series Big Brother, and one about Shepard Fairey, who created the original Hope poster used in the Obama campaign in 2008.

The Limelight Documentaries will be available for any subscribed Hulu user, and Erwhich confirmed that Hulu sees a great deal of potential in the project, and will invest heavily to make sure it reaches that potential.


To all the Hulu users, what would you like to see from the series in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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