AMC Theatres Bans Student Over Joker Movie Prank

Joker has caused some security concerns at theaters around the country on its opening weekend. Now one moviegoer who took it upon himself to mock those measures finds himself banned from AMC locations. A student at Cal State Long Beach who is identified only by the last name Payne and the Twitter handle @jinpayn printed out fake flyer claiming that a theater would not allow singles into Joker screenings on opening weekend, citing security concerns. He took the flyer to AMC Orange 30 in Orange County, California, taped it to a kiosk, took a photo, and tweeted it out claiming that it was the official policy of AMC.

AMC customer support did its best to combat Payne’s viral tweet, but some still believed it was a legitimate policy. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that AMC later sent a letter to Payne informing him that they’d tracked his movements in the theater, found out who he was, and banned him from the premises.

"I don’t do anything for the lulz because I’m not that type of meme loser, so I guess it wasn’t really worth it," Payne admits to THR, "but I was having fun with it at the time so I don’t know. It was kinda just something for my friends to laugh about. The theater no-singles policy has been a long-running joke online and has evolved to other more absurd claims such as a singles tax, theater metal detectors, theater penis inspection, etc. So I joke about that with them — and I do go to the movies alone so I’ve always found the joke funny."

As for whether he thinks he can get around the ban, Payne says, "I unfortunately can’t grow much facial hair, so I will have to resort to either sitting on another guy in a trench coat or wearing grouch glasses... Also for the record. I don’t think I’m a 'victim of cancel culture.' A lot of people missed that was facetious."

Payne’s flyer was an extension of a running joke on the internet message board 4chan. His prank has inspired some copycats with flyers referencing other 4chan memes.


What do you think of Payne being banned from AMC theaters for his Joker stunt? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments. Joker is now playing in theaters.

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