'Justice League' Blu-Ray Cover Art Possibly Revealed, No Mention Of Alternate Cut

Fans might have just received their first look at the Justice League Blu-ray, though there does seem to be something missing.

The new image appears to be from a Canadian website and features Wonder Woman standing in front with Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman standing on either side of her. Ezra Miller's Flash, Ray Fisher's Cyborg, and Jason Momoa's Aquaman are also featured, but as Anton Volkov notes, there is no mention of an alt or director's cut on the front cover.

Now, there is actually nothing but the core image on the front cover at the moment, so it's hard to judge details like that just yet. Obviously the film will have a slew of bonus features, so it remains to be seen if Warner Bros. will include an actual alternate cut of the film on the Blu-ray.

You can find the new cover in the image above.

It seems people are more interested in what wasn't in Justice League than what was, with various reports about dropped and cutscenes that would've fleshed out things like Steppenwolf, the Green Lanterns, Darkseid, and more. That's not even counting the requests for a Zack Snyder director's cut or a Joss Whedon cut of the film, which have come courtesy of several high profile petitions and requests from enthusiasts, including Kevin Smith.

The film isn't even out of its theatrical run though, so it will be a little bit longer before it hits Blu-ray and DVD. Still, the movie isn't where the studio wanted it to be financially, and will probably bow before it hits $700 million. That would be the lowest since Man of Steel, and a definite drop off after Wonder Woman. The studio could always wait and re-release a director's cut later in the film's home video cycle as a way to recoup some of that lost money. It probably won't, but that's always an option.


Justice League currently enjoys a 61.20 on ComicBook.com's composite rankings, which you can vote in here.

Justice League is in theaters now.

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