'Justice League' Stars Reveal What Marvel Characters They Want to Play

Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher might play two iconic members of the Justice League in DC's live-action films, but it sounds like there are a couple of Earth's Mightiest Heroes that they wouldn't mind playing for Marvel.

During the pair's recent panel at Wizard World Philadelphia, Miller and Fisher were asked which Marvel Comics characters they would be willing to play, if they theoretically got the opportunity to do so. As the two were quick to joke, there are certainly more Marvel characters on the big screen at the moment, giving them a lot to choose from.

"At the moment, I feel like we're significantly outnumbered," Miller joked. "Like, we have a big pick, we have a large pick."

"There's a billion for us to pick!" Fisher echoed. "They only got about six."

The duo then went on to reveal their answers, with Miller -- who currently plays Barry Allen/The Flash -- expressing an interest in playing the first incarnation of Nick Fury.

"I've said this before, I'd love to play [Nick] Fury," Miller revealed. "I'd love to play an old -- a different version than the current version -- but like an [older guy]. I loved those comics when I was growing up. I loved like really scary war [stories], with a traumatized, like morally injured Fury."

For Fisher, who currently plays Victor Stone/Cyborg, his answer was a character who is (currently) outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Can we pick outside of the MCU? Can I pick an X-Man or an X-Person?" Fisher asked, before answering, "I'd probably want to play the Wolverine."

"That'd be great!" Miller echoed.

While it's safe to assume that Miller and Fisher won't be joining the Marvel side of superhero films, especially with both of them set to reprise their DC roles soon, it's still interesting to hear what characters they have a fondness for. And should the two franchises ever decide to actually cross over, it sounds like they and their Justice League cast members would be more than willing.

"It's like, it's red and blue," Fisher explained in an interview last year. "It's literally down to what do you like, what are you into. I think to put it all together, you don't want to take this sort of homogenized sort of tone either, I would love to see some of these characters fight one another, that would be really awesome to see, but you also want to make sure that you maintain your own style and integrity."


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Justice League is currently available on home video. The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Avengers: Infinity War, is in theaters now.