The 'Justice League' Fights Thanos In Knockoff DVD Art

The Justice League had their hands full with Steppenwolf, but if one DVD cover is to be believed the dumped him and decided to take on Thanos.

Yep, that's right, Marvel Studios power hungry grimace is taking on the Justice least, that's what a knockoff DVD cover suggests. A Reddit user stumbled upon a DVD of Justice League at a vendor, which is surprising since, you know, the film just came out in theaters. In any case, what's more interesting is the cover, which puts the Justice League at the bottom and a fan art picture of Thanos at the top.

Granted, it is a pretty slick piece of fan art, but not remotely real. Throwing out the obvious fact that they aren't in the same universe, the Avengers: Infinity War trailer revealed a slightly different Thanos, sporting a tweaked light purple color as opposed to the version seen in the past.

(Photo: Reddit)

You can see the knockoff cover in the image above.

Superhero knockoffs aren't anything new, especially when it comes to the realm of toys. You might have stumbled upon such amazing teams as the Sense of Right Alliance, which features a team made up of a Power Ranger, Superman (with short sleeves), Batman (with purple symbol), Spider-Man, Shrek (yeah, figure that one out), and Lightning McQueen from Cars. There's also the Justice Heros League (yep, that is spelled correctly), with not one but two versions of Batman, a very skinny Superman, Spider-Man, and Mr. Incredible (yes, that one), all armed with swords that kind of look like the White Ranger's talking weapon Saba.


As for Justice League, Steppenwolf was merely a stepping stone for a greater threat, which if the after credits scene is to be believed will be the League of Doom. It could also end up being Darkseid, which according to reports was originally the plan. With Justice League not performing up to expectations, the status of a Justice League sequel remains unknown, though we would bet fans will get a sequel in due time.

There's plenty to be sorted out in the meantime, and fans can see the current Justice League in theaters now.

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