'Justice League': Flash and Cyborg Take Bruce's Mercedes-Benz for Joyride in New Promo

When they're not saving the world from Steppenwolf, the heroes of Justice League still have places to go. For Bruce Wayne, that means having a sleek Mercedes, but with The Flash and Cyborg around, Batman might want to consider some new security measures or at least hide the keys.

In a new promo for the upcoming film posted on the official Mercedes-Benz Instagram, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) and Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) decide to take Bruce’s non-Batmobile wheels out for the ultimate joyride. However, as you can see in the digital mini comic below, the two young heroes discover that while taking Bruce’s Vision Gran Turismo out may be fun, a hero's job is never done.

The pair's joyride is cut short when they discover a blazing apartment fire and have to work together, with Cyborg redirecting the building's fire suppression system to be more effective and The Flash speeding everyone to safety, the save the day. Once the fire is dealt with, the pair manage to get the car back without Bruce even noticing -- save, perhaps, for a smoky smell.

The promo is just the latest from Mercedes-Benz ahead of Justice League's debut on November 17. The automaker previously shared a behind-the-scenes feature looking at the cars of the superhero film. And it's not just Bruce's regular ride that's been getting attention lately, either. Batman's impressive Batmobile has been getting notice as well. A recent behind-the-scenes photo shared from Zack Snyder’s Vero account features the Amazons of Themyscira taking a ride in the massive, tricked out vehicle.

And The Flash doesn't just get to take Bruce's street car for a ride in the promo comic. Ezra Miller recently described the on-set experience sitting in the Batmobile itself to SFX Magazine and the actor had some pretty colorful language for it.


"You know what it feels like sitting in the Batmobile?" Miller asked. "It's like an orgasm. It just ripples through your whole body. Oh my God."

Hopefully the young heroes will be able to shift their focus from the cars long enough to defeat Steppenwolf when Justice League opens in theaters November 17.