'Justice League' Photographer Says Film Got Butchered, Addresses Possibility Of A Snyder Cut

DCEU Photographer and frequent Zack Snyder collaborator Clay Enos has plenty of thoughts on what Justice League could've been but recently went into detail about that fabled Snyder Cut and what WB did to his friend's film.

Enos was recently a guest on the Comicbook Debate podcast, where he was asked about the Snyder Cut for Justice League. Specifically he was asked if he thought Warner Bros would eventually release the film, and while Enos is hopeful, he explained there are some big impediments to making it happen from a financial perspective.

"I do not know...like that is so outside...look, just the logistics of that are really difficult just because what is it then? Is it a theatrical release and then what does that mean for royalty checks for the hundred or two hundred actors who participated in it," Enos said. "Like it is just a complete mess on so many fronts. Does it get a different IMDB ya know, because each of those things, the credits become huge consequences financially and so it, my observation is that this business makes anything like that incredibly unlikely and kind of complicated. That said, if there's a sufficient box office allure they'll figure it out. I mean there's probably something pretty close to ready out there that throw in another $20 or $30 million in there and you could maybe see hundreds come from it. It's a hard one, but consider that it isn't just like 'ah hey, just throw it on YouTube.' There are some massive financial consequence to doing something like that and it sours my optimism, though I do remain optimistic. Like I would love for something like that to happen or exist."

Enos loves the Snyder Cut hashtag and the fervor from fans regarding the cut of the movie, though he doesn't necessarily think boycotting is the way to go to get studios to change their course.

"Look, this is going to go down in film history, right, as some sort of...it's a terrible wrong that can be righted, creatively, but what culture has to emerge for that to happen is something we need to work towards," Enos said. "We need to prioritize the sort of auteur filmmaker world and that hasn't been of late so all of us need to support films that have the auteur's mark on them and not say giant studio support or whatever, and that's today. And that's not to say that those, that they don't make bad ones, but let's move gradually towards a world where the bottom line and the box office isn't the headline."

He still wants fans to keep that hashtag alive though, but just with a goal to change things from a practical perspective without depriving themselves of quality entertainment. He also thinks Snyder's movie was pretty much butchered and hopes one day fans get to see what it could've been.

"Don't let go, this hashtag should live and it should stand for something, more than just a constant hurt, but it should be a rallying cry to support better films, and to support films that have the story of independent artistic priorities. Anyway, I'm beating a dead horse there. This is all somewhat uncomfortable because you know a friend of mine's film got butchered," Enos said.

What do you think of Enos' take on the situation? Let us know in the comments!


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