HBO Asia Trolls Fans With the Release the Snyder Cut of 'Justice League' Meme

For fans of the DC Extended Universe there is one thing that that they want more than anything [...]

For fans of the DC Extended Universe there is one thing that that they want more than anything else this holiday season. No, it's not tickets to see Aquaman. It's the release of the Snyder Cut, the version of Justice League that many fans believe director Zack Snyder completed or mostly completed before leaving the project due to a family tragedy. Now, HBO Asia is trolling fans about that fabled edit in a hilarious new meme.

The meme, which debuted on HBO Asia's official Twitter account on Saturday featured a photo of Aquaman star Jason Momoa enthusiastically reaching high into the air as though reaching for something. That something? Well, the meme suggests it's the "Justice League Snyder Cut" as it's just out of the reach of the "fanboys" Momoa represents. Check it out below.

You have to admit, it's a pretty great meme, but the humor works on more than one level. There's the obvious level with fans being very eager to see Snyder's original vision for the DC team up film. While it's never officially been acknowledged that a Snyder Cut even exists, a storyboard artist who worked on the film has suggested that a complete version does exist -- even if perhaps not in final polished form. Fans have been clamoring for its release almost since Justice League's theatrical version opened in theaters last year.

The second, and perhaps the most darkly humorous level the HBO Asia meme works on, though, involves Warner Bros. itself. Warner Bros. is the studio behind DC Films label and, as such, is responsible for Justice League. Warner Media, essentially the parent company of Warner Bros., owns HBO. That makes the trolling a little more refined since a Warner Bros-related company is trolling fans about wanting a product that only Warner Bros. could give them. Cruel or well-played? Well, we'll leave that for you to decide. Given some of the hilarious responses HBO Asia has been dropping to comments on the post, we're inclined to think fans are enjoying the joke as are the social media managers running the account.

All of that said, even with the meme's humor fans aren't alone in wanting to see the Snyder Cut. So does Momoa himself, something that makes sense considering that the actor is playing Aquaman because he was cast to play the role in Snyder's Batman v Superman and Justice League.

"I'm obsessed with [the Snyder cut] too," Momoa told MTV News when he was asked about a different edit of the film. "That's just one thing that sucks with our business, where you just can't speak your mind. But yeah, f*** yeah I want to see it."

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Fans can catch up with Jason Momoa's Aquaman when the film opens in theaters on December 21st.