Justice League: HBO Max Shares New Behind-the-Scenes Photos for Snyder Cut

HBO Max dropped some brand new behind-the-scenes looks at the Justice League Snyder Cut on [...]

HBO Max dropped some brand new behind-the-scenes looks at the Justice League Snyder Cut on Instagram. It's been a wild ride to this point for all the fans who wanted to see this project come to fruition. Also, the entire day has been one long victory lap for Warner Bros. accounts all over social media. Snyder has to feel pretty good about all the celebration of this film. It's a definite moment of jubilation for anyone who was invested in the DCEU. The biggest winners of this weekend have to be the HBO Max team and the people over at WarnerMedia. Pulling up a strategy to use these larger-than-life films as a way to pull in subscribers and viewership has paid off in just the returns from Wonder Woman 1984 and the Snyder Cut alone. Check out those photos down below for a better look at Snyder in action.

They wrote, "The wait is finally over 🙌@snydercut is now streaming on @hbomax. Get ready for the epic @wbpictures & @dccomics full-length Max Original feature film with these behind-the-scenes photos of Zack Snyder on set with the Justice League cast. 📸: Clay Enos / HBO Max"

Comicbook.com's Jenna Anderson reviewed the Snyder Cut for the site. She enjoyed the movie along with a lot of the staff. It's something you have to see to believe.

"From the second it was first confirmed to be a reality, it was clear that Zack Snyder's Justice League was going to be unlike anything else in the comic book movie realm," Anderson wrote. "By the time the credits roll on its four-hour run, that sentiment definitely holds true in ways that audiences couldn't have even imagined."

"The film is an unabashed and cathartic labor of love -- one towards Snyder's daughter Autumn, one towards all of the fans who campaigned for it to see the light of day, one towards the kinds of compelling storytelling that the Justice League was initially founded on, and one towards the beautiful weirdness of the DC universe," she continued. "At its core, it is also a well-executed, entertaining story about the power of human connection and inspiration, one that feels both timeless and timely despite being (mostly) conceptualized and filmed nearly half a decade ago."

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