These 'Justice League' Talking Toys Are Sort of Hilarious

With Justice League opening in just a couple of months the tie-in toys are starting to hit shelves at major retailers. Among those toys showing up in stores is Mattel's Talking Heroes series and they're sort of hilarious.

The Talking Heroes figures feature characters from the Justice League film and, as the name says, they play iconic catchphrases through a built-in speaker with the press of a button. But if you were expecting movie teases or deep thoughts from the toys, you'll be disappointed. Instead of revealing anything about the movie, the fairly detailed figure each have some pretty standard, character-specific sayings. You can see the hilarious Batman and Superman phrases in a short video shared on Twitter that you can watch below.

In addition to Superman asserting that he'll use his heat vision and Batman confirming his identity, the figures have interactive dialogue options. When placed close to one another, the figures will refer to each other. Superman, curiously enough, even invites Batman to join the Justice League.

Funny awkward phrases aside, the Talking Heroes toys look pretty cool and who knows, maybe some clever fan will make their own movie action figure style.


Justice League is in theaters November 17, 2017.

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