Kevin Smith Reveals His Pick for Who Wins Superman and the Flash Race

There are many passionate debates that comic book fans have been engaged in for decades, with one [...]

There are many passionate debates that comic book fans have been engaged in for decades, with one of the oldest quandaries being who would win in a race, Superman or The Flash. According to filmmaker Kevin Smith, the Man of Steel would ultimately come out on top.

"Alright, I'm gonna give this some serious f-ckin' thought, more thought than [Justice League director] Joss Whedon gave it, I assure you," Smith joked on the Fatman on Batman podcast when a fan presented the question. "Although, I love that little button in the movie, that was adorable."

Smith continued, "My argument would always lean toward, if we're talking about Superman and you're including every incarnation of Superman, that includes Superman from Richard Donner's Superman, who somehow has the ability to say so f-ckin' fast, backwards, that he can turn back time."

This ended up being a point of contention, as Superman accomplished this by flying, leading to the next question of whether it specifically had to be a foot race. The fan clarified that either hero could use the full extent of their abilities to get to the finish line.

"Now, that was flying," Smith noted. "If they're having a race, he's allowed to fly? It's not just feet? If Superman's standing next to Flash, by the time Flash asks the question, 'Let's race to see who's fastest,' Superman's like, 'I beat you 10 seconds ago.' He's so f-ckin' fast."

With the multiple iterations of both characters and different stories depicting different abilities, the question came up about how The Flash has traveled fast enough to travel through time, possibly ruling out time travel as the deciding factor. However, Smith then brought up the fact that on The CW's The Flash, Barry is pushing himself to be faster, meaning he might acknowledge he isn't traveling at his full potential.

"Flash has the ability to run so fast he can travel through time and dimensions as well," Smith pondered. ", on the TV show, at least, and probably in a lot of Flash comics, there's always this trope of, 'I've gotta get faster. If only you were fast enough, Barry.' Nobody ever says to Superman, 'If only you were more super.'"

This isn't to say that Superman sets the bar for how fast a hero can travel, but that Allen could go faster if he pushed himself harder, which could mean he will be inferior to Superman's abilities.

"The Barry from TV is always not fast enough. He'll never be fast 'enough' until they get to the last season, and it'll be, 'My god, Barry, you did it.' And then credits," Smith elaborated. "So, if we're including every incarnation of the character, then Superman can travel through time, just like Flash, but Flash always needs to be somehow faster, so I give Superman the edge. Plus, he's older, I don't know why, but for me, in my mind, that has something to do with it. More experience."

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