'Krypton' Will Not Crossover With The CW's DC Shows

Fans who tuned in for the season premiere of Krypton on Wednesday saw a decidedly different take on the origins of Superman, showing the days of his ancestral home before its fated destruction.

But just because it's a DC Comics-based show doesn't mean it will soon crossover with the already established universe on The CW. The showrunner of the new series Adam Welsh teased that fans can expect to see Adam Strange's hometown will appear on the series, but that's it.

"We will go to present-day Earth in this season, and see where Adam came from - from Detroit," Welsh said during the Krypton panel at WonderCon. He did not rule out the appearance of some version of Superman, but fans shouldn't expect to see Tyler Hoechlin reprising his role from Supergirl, as there are no plans to cross over with The CW's Arrowverse.

This also confirms earlier reports from The Tracking Board which stated Krypton would be a stand-alone story, and is not a part of the Arrowverse nor is it a part of the DC Films universe established in Man of Steel.

Asked about the introduction of characters who have yet to appear on the small screen, such as the Green Lantern Corps, Welsh said, "that's something that would be a natural fit for us."

And while producers Geoff Johns and David S. Goyer previously teased the inclusion of those characters, DC Entertainment's VP of creative affairs Dan Evans indicated at the WonderCon panel that fans might see the Omega Men pop up first.

"DC isn't just Earth, it isn't just Metropolis or Gotham... the DC universe is huge, it's multiple universes," Evans said, hinting that the show will "open the door" to "characters that you may not see in other shows that will fit comfortably here... And maybe some different versions of characters you're used to."

The series appears to be playing with what fans know about comics continuity, using the guise of time travel to subvert expectations. How this will play into the origins of Superman and whether or not it will be drastically changed remains to be seen, but fans can look forward to the appearances of characters like Hawkwoman, Brainiac, and possibly even the monstrous villain Doomsday in the future.

Krypton airs Wednesday nights at 10 pm E.T. on SyFy.

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