'Krypton' Prepares For a Fight in New Season One Preview

Syfy has released a new preview, celebrating the upcoming episodes of Krypton's first season.The [...]

Syfy has released a new preview, celebrating the upcoming episodes of Krypton's first season.

The preview highlights some of the season's biggest threads (almost quite literally), with Seg (Cameron Cuffe) being tasked with saving the fate of his future grandson, Superman. In the process, the series is set to give fans a completely different take on a hero's journey.

"It's much more grounded and personal stakes -- it's way more character-driven." Cuffe told reporters during a recent set visit. "There is no freak of the week....No one sees there parents get murdered and thinks, 'I must become the symbol of the night.' It's not that at all. It's people who are thrown into a situation that is deeply over their head, and like all great science fiction, it's not about the aliens or the monsters or the robots or the technology. It's always about the people. And I think we get a really strong focus on that."

The preview also hints at some of the fan-favorites that have come out of tonight's series premiere, from Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day) to Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos).

"The way that I kind of approach this is, the world of Krypton is very militaristic, it's dystopian, but for Adam...I mean the very nature of Adam Strange is that he is different," Sipos told reporters. "He's strange. And when, in the comics, he goes to Rann, everyone talks about how much life he has in him and that he does things that are different and he's kind of funny and sort of has a levity to him, that's fascinating to them."

And the preview also capitalizes on the terrifying pilot reveal of the season's Big Bad, iconic DC Comics villain Brainiac (Blake Ritson).

"There are many, many iterations of Braniac out there, so certain things I can probably tell you, and certain things I have to be a little coy about," Ritson told reporters. "I suppose the first thing I should say, is this is a Braniac you have never seen on screen before. This is a very different. I think the only time he's ever been in live action is Smallville, where he was effectively self-aware AI, and in that version, he appeared as a 20th Century human professor. This one will not be like that. He will be infinitely more terrifying."

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.