'Krypton' Star Shaun Sipos Compares His Adam Strange To the One From the Comics

When Adam Strange, one of DC's longest-lasting space heroes, finally makes his live-action debut next week, he will have to travel back 200 years in order to do so.

That is the high concept for Krypton, a SYFY series in which Strange Zeta Beams to Superman's homeworld two centuries before its eventual destruction to prevent its premature death at the hands of Brainiac. Strange, played here by Shaun Sipos, is early in his character's journey and has not fully formed as a hero. Nevertheless, he will have to deal with a world seemingly on the brink of either civil war, or a theocratic crackdown that stifles most of its inhabitants. Enter Strange, who brings a sense of purpose to Superman's grandfather, and a bit of levity to the show.

"The way that I kind of approach this is, the world of Krypton is very militaristic, it's dystopian, but for Adam...I mean the very nature of Adam Strange is that he is different," Sipos said during a recent visit to the set of Krypton in Northern Ireland. "He's strange. And when, in the comics, he goes to Rann, everyone talks about how much life he has in him and that he does things that are different and he's kind of funny and sort of has a levity to him, that's fascinating to them."

That sensibility will carry through from the comics to the screen, as Krypton mirrors Rann in some ways.

"And Rann is very similar to Krypton," Sipos, who was a childhood comic book fan but never really approached Adam Strange until recently, continued. "It's very dystopian as well. So, I try and approach it with joy. I mean, he has a lot of pain. He had a difficult childhood. He didn't feel that he fit in. He didn't think that he would be a superhero. He would be the last one to say that he would be one. But, I think that's what draws people to him, is that he's the unlikely superhero. If he can be a superhero, then anyone can be."

Are you excited to see more of Superman's birth world? Chime in below to discuss your hopes, expectations, and reservations.

Krypton is coming to SYFY on March 21.



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