[SPOILER] Makes An Appearance on Krypton, Setting Up a Major DC Superhero

The cast and crew of Krypton have said over and over again that the series is being positioned to explore the cosmic side of the DC Universe, with specific characters teased and mentioned during interviews and on Comic Con panels basically since the first details of the series were announced. The finale hit tonight and, along with a number of other status quo changes, introduced a new setting and almost certainly a new group of characters who will expand the DC Universe with some familiar faces in a presumptive third season.

Spoilers ahead for tonight's season two finale of Krypton, titled "The Alpha And the Omega."

In the final moments of Krypton's second season, things are scary for a lot of our heroes. Brainiac still has the baby Jor-El, and his parents have no idea where to find him. The containments in place for both Zod and Doomsday are unlikely to hold. And Nyssa Vex...well, she has found herself in an entirely unfamiliar place that was not at all where she planned to be. Earlier in the episode, she had taken Adam Strange's Zeta Beam device, and planned on going to Rann to ask for help in their search for Brainiac. Instead, though, she ended up somewhere else, and while it is not specifically named in the episode, it seems likely that she is on Thanagar.

In the comics, both Thanagar and Rann are located in Space Sector 2682, making them pretty close together, at least relatively speaking (Earth and Krypton, for example, are in the same sector). The two have been in an almost-constant state of war for decades, which likely explains the presence of burned people on the surface of the planet, who indicated to the sky when Nyssa asked about Rann. Part of the reason Rann and Thanagar constantly find themselves in conflict is that they are so close that you can often see one planet from the other with the naked eye.

Adding to the likelihood that Nyssa was on Thanagar, she looked to the sky in one of the final shots and saw an army of winged beings flying above. Some may suggest that the winged beings are not the winged Thanagarian law enforcement officials, but rather Parademons, since just before she saw them, she encountered an Omega symbol, seemingly drawn in blood, on the exterior entrance to a cave. In all likelihood, though, that symbol is a nod to The Omega Men, a strange DC super team that Krypton stars and producers have teased might show up on the series.

"Our show takes place in a fully realised DC Universe," series star Cameron Cuffe said last year. "The Justice League, The Omega Men, The Green Lantern Corps...these things are all very real in the world of our story."


Thanagar also likely sets up the appearance of Hawkwoman, who was supposed to appear along with Adam Strange in the show's first season but who was removed from it before it ever premiered.

Krypton's second season ended today. You can find the first season on the DC Universe app, and the second season on SYFY.com. Keep your eyes on ComicBook.com for details on when to find the second season on home video and streaming services -- and for the official word on whether the show will get a third season to go along with the planned Lobo spinoff series.