Matt Ryan Talks Constantine's Moment with The Atom on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Matt Ryan's beloved portrayal of John Constantine made his way to Legends of Tomorrow tonight - [...]

Matt Ryan's beloved portrayal of John Constantine made his way to Legends of Tomorrow tonight - and introduced a pretty interesting dynamic in the process.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow, "Daddy Darhkest", below!

Tonight's episode saw Constantine joining forces with the Legends, after he figured out that they were tied to an unusual demonic possession. This sent the ensemble on a journey, which involved time travel, surprising hookups, and the destruction of a Star City coffee shop.

In the episode's final moments, Constantine departed from the Waverider, but not before Ray Palmer/Atom (Brandon Routh) helped him out of the ship's door. This resulted in a pretty wholesome scene between the two, with Ray's love of science blending with Constantine's magic in a unique way.

"Yeah, I think that what's great in any kind of dramatic situation is having characters that are polar opposites, so that there is some kind of conflict." Ryan told "Or you can see then how they're reaching out from their various personalities to kind of be able to co-exist, you know. And there's that little line that I say, "Oh Ray, big man," and I just popped that in. Do you know what I mean? Like "big man" or [any other] colloquialisms that John has."

While Constantine's arrival on Legends has been anticipated for quite some time, seeing him gel with the show's ensemble in "Daddy Darhkest" was something else altogether - something that both Ryan and Routh tried to convey in that scene.

"But I think that John knows that every person has their place, and he just does his thing." Ryan continued. "And there was a real nice dynamic in that end scene with the two of them. And I think Brandon made up as well when I left like, 'That guy's really cool.' And I was just like... I love that element of all the actors on the show as well. They're so in tune with their characters that they can do little things like that that instantly fit in, and it's a really nice little scene to play with him there, you know."

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.