'Legends of Tomorrow': Are Mallus and Savitar Connected?

While The CW's The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are both part of the network's larger Arrowverse, [...]

While The CW's The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are both part of the network's larger Arrowverse, the two DC Comics have another thing in common -- complicated timelines. With the Legends hopping all over time to correct anachronisms and The Flash literally running back in time altering things, the heroes of both shows have time travel as a connection, but one theory suggests they may also have a connection between two of their biggest villains: Mallus and Savitar.

This season on Legends, the heroes set out to correct the various anachronisms created when they accidentally broke time, but soon discovered there was an even larger threat looming. Mallus, a powerful and terrifying demon, has taken advantage of the anachronisms the Legends created to attempt to escape his temporal prison and unleash unendurable pain on the world. Critical to Mallus' plans to escape are his followers, the shadowy Order of the Shrouded Compass. Over history the Order has served Mallus, but now he needs followers to bear the six totems so that not only will he be free, but also unable to be stopped. As audiences have seen in the case of Nora Darhk, followers are granted immense power as a reward.

This gift of immense, almost god-like power for true followers of Mallus have led some to wonder if The Flash's Season Three big bad, Savitar, might have been a follower of Mallus. On The Flash, Savitar was the self-proclaimed "God of Speed", a powerful armored speedster who was bent on destroying The Flash. It turns out, though, that Savitar was really a time remnant and the result of a causal loop with no beginning and no end. He was technically created when, following the death of Iris West, Barry Allen/The Flash created time remnants of himself to stop Savitar. Savitar then killed all the remnants except one; the one that would end up an aberration shunned by the team and, eventually, become Savitar himself.

It's admittedly a mind-boggling scenario, but with the timeline -- in Savitar's case the constant repeating of it -- a common factor, it's not impossible that Savitar encountered Mallus and allied himself with the mysterious demon as a way to gain the immense powers that led him to be the "God of Speed". This is a particularly interesting thought when one considers that Savitar himself was imprisoned in the Speed Force by Barry, and was only able to escape when Barry created the Flashpoint timeline by running into the past and changing events. It's a similar scenario to what Mallus has experienced, being imprisoned by the tribes of Zambesi only to find his prison weakened due to people messing with time itself.

If The Flash's Savitar and Mallus do end up having some sort of connection, it would be an interesting way to further tie the two shows together, especially since the newest Legends, Wally West/Kid Flash used to be part of Team Flash. Wally also did battle with Savitar during the evil speedster's reign of terror before Savitar was eventually erased from existence having been defeated.

Do you think Savitar and Mallus are connected? Let us know your thoughts about this theory in comments!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c, also on The CW.