'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap With Spoilers: "Beebo the God of War"

legends beebo the god of war

“Beebo the God of War” begins with a younger Martin Stein in line for a Beebo doll in the year 1992. After the store manager announces they only have one Beebo toy left, a brawl breaks out, and Stein is fortunately able to get his hands on the last one.

Present day, Citizen Cold is using a ventriloquist puppet to help the different Legends grieve about their loss of Stein. During his session with Jax, an anachronism occurs. Gideon reveals that Leif Erikson has settled in North America in 1,000 A.D. and is calling the territory New Valhalla.

The Legends travel back in time, and as Nate and Jax are doing a reconnaissance mission, Mick and Sara find out that the Vikings have trapped the young version of Stein. Jax runs to Stein’s location and frees him from the net he’s being held in.

Stein tells the group that they need to go back for the Cuddle Me Beebo toy, but the group tells Stein to go with them. We find out that Erikson and his followers have been worshipping the fluffy blue toy as their god.

Act II

Back on the Waverider, Stein explains to the rest of the group that the Vikings have started worshipping the Beebo toy, and Sara decides the group needs to retrieve the toy so that the anachronism solves itself.

Jax starts debating with Ray, Amaya, and Nate about whether to tell the younger version of Stein that his older counterpart has passed away.

While Sara is talking to Nate about a way to retrieve the Beebo, Agent Sharpe calls in to offer her condolences on the loss of Stein. She also mentions that she’s noticed a stage 12 anachronism, and Sara asks her to come help out.

Most of the Legends — including Agent Sharpe — dress up as Vikings and approach Erikson’s camp. After being offered booze, Erikson and his followers welcome them in to their feast with open arms.

Mick walks away from the feast and finds the Beebo toy. He picks it up, only for it to make a noise that draws the attention of Erikson’s sister and a pair of her guards. She knocks Mick out for trying to deface their god.


Freydis takes Mick back into the feast to tell the rest of the Viking crew that he was trying to take mead from Beebo. They decide to burn Mick at the stake.

Right as Mick is thrown on the fire, Citizen Cold is able to snuff it out with his cold gun. With the Vikings distracted, Amaya and Nate try to take the Beebo, but it makes a noise, letting the Vikings know their plans.

A brawl breaks out, but quickly ends when Mick uses his heat gun to melt Beebo, showing the Vikings that it’s a false god.

In the distance, lightning strikes, and Damien Darhk appears, posing as the Norse god Odin.

Act IV

The group rendezvous back on the Waverider and enter the temporal zone, where another time quake takes place. Sara asks Sharpe if the Time Bureau can arrive to help, and she agrees to try and help get more backup.

Zari walks in to tell Sara that Jax has taken Stein back the Central City in 1992 using one of the jump ships. Dropping Stein back off with his family, Jax leaves an envelope behind with instructions not to open it until the date the elder Stein was killed in an attempt to save Stein from dying.

Back on the Waverider, Citizen Cold is telling Mick about Heatwave’s Earth-X counterpart. Much like their Earth-1 relationship, Snart and Mick were also best of friends.

Sharpe informs Sara that Time Bureau Director Bennett declined using Time Bureau agents to help the Legends try and take down Darhk. Worse yet, Bennett has ordered Sharpe to return to the Time Bureau. Upon leaving, Sharpe warns Sara that their fight with Darhk isn’t one that they can win.

Act V

Jax returns to the Waverider, and Sara calls the team to the bridge. She informs them that the Time Bureau is unable to help them. She instructs the Legends to take the Waverider because she wants to stay behind and bargain with Darhk to stop the anachronism.

The team runs through various scenarios with Sara before she realizes she needs their help. Sara, along with Nate and Zari, attack Darhk while Ray shrinks and pretends to be Beebo in an attempt to distract the Vikings.

Mick and Snart are able to incapacitate Nora. Darhk rushes out to touch her and transport her to safety, but Sara rushes up and is accidentally transported with them.

Sara’s briefly transported to a dark realm, where she hears Mallus talking to her. Before long, she’s pulled out of the realm by Agent Sharpe, who reveals that the anachronism has been fixed.

Act VI

Back on the Waverider, Agent Sharpe starts questioning Sara about her time in the alternate dimension. Sara tells her that Mallus is a real threat, showing Agent Sharpe that Rip Hunter’s concerns about the villain are real.

Jax asks Gideon whether the letter worked, and Gideon shares that Stein is still dead in the future. Jax travels back to 1992 with a Beebo toy for Lilly. With Lilly and Clarissa out of earshot, Stein reveals that he burned the letter. He came to the conclusion that he’s all right with dying in the future, especially if it’s to save Jax. The two shake hands, and Jax goes back to the Waverider.

On the bridge of the Waverider, Jax tells Sara that he wants to take some personal time and leave the crew. He asks her not to tell the others that he’s left the team.


As he’s gathering his things and goes down to the lab, he’s surprised by the rest of the crew, who flip on the lights revealing Christmas decorations. They Legends celebrate the holiday as a group before Jax makes his departure.

Sara’s walking back from walking Jax out when she’s stopped in the cargo bay by none other than John Constatine — he needs her help.