'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap With Spoilers: "Welcome to the Jungle"

“Welcome to the Jungle” begins with a squad of soldiers seen traveling through the jungle when [...]

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"Welcome to the Jungle" begins with a squad of soldiers seen traveling through the jungle when they're attacked by a large beast.

On the Waveride, Jax and Stein are talking about their experiment on separating Firestorm.

Amaya is training when Nate talks to her about approaching Kuasa, her recently-discovered evil granddaughter.

The group gathers on the bridge, where Mick lets it slip that Zari didn't take Helen of Troy back to Troy, rather she took her to Themyscira. Zari explains herself and shows the team that the historical record didn't change because of the move.

Jax notices an anachronism in Vietnam in 1968 and the group travels back then to investigate. They notice a local staring at them and they approach her, she say's she'll take the group to see what's happening in the jungle.

Mick and Nate are walking through the jungle, when Nate approaches the former about why he's so grumpy. Mick reveals that his dad served and Vietnam and he's nervous about running into him. Nate says he'll by Mick a six pack of beer if they happen to run into Mick's dad and right as he says that, a group of soldiers approaches the duo, led by none other than Mick's father.

Nate tells the soldiers that him and Rory are CIA operatives and Nate pulls Rory to the side to ask him about his father. That's when Rory tells him that he killed his father while growing up.

Jax is back on the Waverider and finds out that somebody ate his pecan pie and when he goes to approach Stein about it, he sees that Stein has traveled through time to bring aboard Isaac Newton and other scientists through history to help him with the equation.

The group led by the Vietnamese local leads Zari, Amaya, and Ray to the location on the jungle beast and tells them they've "arrived."

Nate and Rory join up with Rory's dad squad and travel through the jungle when they're approached by another group of soldiers. The leading soldier says they've "been enlightened" and begin firing on Nate and Mick's squad. Mick and his dad use their flamethrowers to take down the other team.

Zari, Amaya, and Ray are taken into a fortress, where's it revealed that the jungle beast is Gorilla Grodd. The group starts discussing their plans for Grodd and Amaya asks for Ray's shrink ray.

Mick and his dad are sitting around the fire when his father starts looking at a picture of Mick's mother and talks about starting a family.

Back on the Waverider, Jax is thinking aloud to Sara, who's still in a coma after being hurt by Damien Darhk.

Ray and Zari locate a communications system that Grodd's been using to control soldiers and they're able to use it to reestablish communications with the team. Jax and Stein notices that Gideon has elevated the anachronism to Level 10 and she pulls up a newspaper headline that shows the world is in the midst of World War 3, thanks to Gorilla Grodd's actions during the Vietnam conflit.

Amaya sneaks into Grodd's fortress with the shrink ray, but Grodd soon takes control of her and destroys the shrink ray. Grodd tells Amaya that he's trying to helping her kind find peace.

In the communication tent, Zari uncovers Grodd's plan to kill the President, who had just landed at a nearby airfield. She's stopped at gunpoint by a local, who she's able to talk into lowering the gun. The local is then taken over by Grodd and she knocks out Zari with a pistol whip.

They take Zari out to the middle of the compound, where it's shown that Ray and Amaya have also been captured. Amaya breaks free and approaches Grodd to talk to him in an attempt to negotiate. She tries convincing him that they can take him to a time before humans, where he can live in peace. To gain his trust, Amaya uses her totem to construct a gorilla and touches Grodd on his chest.

Guns start firing in the distance and Grodd realizes his compound has been breached. He thinks Amaya, Zari, and Ray had something to do with it and he claims they betrayed him. We see Mick's dad's group are the ones infiltrating the compound and Grodd escapes, revealing his plan to steal the Waverider.

The group of American soldiers gathers everyone, including Nate, Amaya, Ray, and Zari — thinking that they're American dissidents — and holds them at gunpoint.

Jax stops the President Johnson's convoy, warning them of Grodd's soon arrival. As some of the soldiers step out of their vehicles, they step on landmines and the President steps on one to trigger it, but Jax is able to freeze it so it doesn't explode.

Stein takes off in the Waverider, but Grodd is able to jump on top as it takes off. Sara wakes from her coma and enters the bridge. She begins talking, and it's clear that she's being mind-controlled by Grodd. She goes to attack Stein, but is knocked unconscious by Isaac Newton.

The American army launches an air attack, and the Waverider is able to maneuver in a way that knocks Grodd off into the fire below.

Back at Grodd's compound, Mick has talked his father down from injuring anyone and the group is able to rendezvous back on the Waverider.

Stein and Jax are talking about continuing their experiment and Stein tells his younger counterpart that he's already carrying the most important part of Firestorm inside of him. Jax tells Stein that instead of getting a medal from helping President Johnson cross the mine field, LBJ gave him a recipe for Lady Bird Johnson's Famous Pecan Pie.

Sara wakes up and is back to herself, with Gideon giving her a clear bill of health.

Elsewhere, it's revealed that Grodd had survived the fall into the napalm and was transported away by Damien Darhk.