'Lucifer' Gets Tempted by Eve in New Season 4 Photo

It looks like Lucifer might be putting a new twist on a certain biblical tale in its upcoming [...]

It looks like Lucifer might be putting a new twist on a certain biblical tale in its upcoming fourth season.

TVLine recently shared an exclusive photo from Season 4, which shows Lucifer (Tom Ellis) in a very particular predicament with Eve (Inbar Lavi), as he asks for advice with regards to Chloe (Lauren German). You can check it out below.

(Photo: Netflix / TVLine)

"Lucifer is in a very vulnerable moment, emotionally — not that he would ever recognize that — when out of nowhere, Eve turns up," Ellis explained. "[Seeing her] brings back so much for Lucifer, about the man he used to be — or, the Devil he used to be," Ellis added. "She's never forgotten about him. And she loves him."

While that certainly seems to hint at a love triangle between the three characters, it sounds like Chloe's real-life counterpart is more than a fan of Lavi's portrayal of Eve.

"Inbar plays Eve so uniquely, and well…. She just brings a whole new vibe to the show," German revealed. "She has this ethereal and light and sensual energy."

Season 4 will mark a sort of brave new world for Lucifer, as the series moves to Netflix after cancellation at FOX. And based off of previous comments from Ellis, the new season will be a mix of what fans love, and what fans have been campaigning for.

"Netflix really wanted to have Lucifer because they really love the show that we already had," Ellis explained at a convention appearance earlier this year. "So we've been careful, we don't want to change our show too much because that's the show that people really liked. But there were certain restrictions that we had when we were on network television that meant that maybe we couldn't do as much as we wanted. So things like my bum, which I was never allowed to show before, and lots of people want to see it, really: there may be some bum shots this season.…There will be multiple bum shots, certainly after a scene we shot the other day."

"I also want to stress — I think one of the reasons people like our show is because it doesn't go all the way there." Ellis continued. "It's about suggestion, its' about getting away with it, it's about being cheeky and not vulgar, and we're still being careful that we aren't going to go into vulgarity. Everything's justified."

Lucifer's fourth season doesn't currently have a release date.