New Featurette Explains the Origins of Beebo Saves Christmas

With Thanksgiving behind us it's full steam ahead into the Christmas holiday season and that, of course, means holiday specials. This year, The CW is celebrating Christmas Arrowverse-style with the animated Beebo Saves Christmas and now, a new featurette is taking fans behind the scenes of the upcoming special, explaining its origin and how it fits within the greater shared DC Comics-inspired universe.

In the video, which you can check out for yourself below, fans get a peek at some of Beebo's greatest moments on DC's Legends of Tomorrow where the beloved stuffed animal has been both the God of War and a giant kaiju taking down a demon while Legends showrunners Keto Shimizu explain the special itself, revealing that it's actually designed as a special those existing in the Arrowverse would watch.

"So basically this Christmas special that viewers are gonna get to watch, would have been watched by Sara Lance or Oliver Queen or Kara Danvers or any of these people from the Arrowverse," Shimizu said.

Co-writer Kevin Shinick previously spoke with about the process that went into creating the in-universe Beebo Saves Christmas.

"I had seen the original Beebo episode of Legends, and then they sent me a couple of other episodes," co-writer Kevin Shinick, who penned the special, told ComicBook. "So they sent me that and it really became a question of 'What are we doing here?' We didn't want to include the Legends characters necessarily in this, because at first it was like, 'Do we connect it to Legends that much so that people know where he's from?' Instead we went the route of being like this is kind of a special that would air in the world of DC, in the Arrowverse. So, the characters in Legends of Tomorrow, on Christmas, could be watching this special in their homes. Which is why in that universe, a Beebo doll was created for him to then be bought, and then zapped through time, and back to the Vikings."

He went on to say that he now wants to do more holiday specials with Beebo.

"We constantly make that joke that we want an Easter special," Shinick said. Because it could be any holiday. We're always thinking up like...Easter was always the next one, then I pitched Beebo versus the groundhog or something. Something even more hysterical. But yes, we were constantly joking that once he saved Christmas, it seems like just a matter of time before maybe he gets a chance to get involved with all the other holidays."

Beebo Saves Christmas airs Wednesday, December 1st on The CW.