No R Rated Cut WIll Be Released For Suicide Squad

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David Ayer's Suicide Squad definitely left some footage on the cutting room floor, and some fans assumed that the film would get an R-rated Directors Cut like its DC sibling Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did.

Many felt that BvS's ultimate edition helped flesh out certain aspects of the plot and smoothed over some character inconsistencies, which a director's cut may still do for Suicide Squad, but Ayer put the kibosh on any Rated R versions of the film (via Empire).

"You could easily make this R-rated by having two F-bombs or someone smoke a cigarette. But that's not what I think people mean when they ask for an R-rated version, so it was always meant to be a PG-13. It's a decision you make before you turn the cameras on."

Suicide Squad was always meant as a PG 13 film, and adding some extra F-Bombs or gratuitous violence and gore wouldn't help the parts of the film that some are criticizing anyway, namely the lack of Joker and a plot that feels flat at times.

Speaking of Joker, Ayer also addressed the people who are calling Jared Leto's role in the movie a cameo.

"I think there was an expectation of what the film should have been. People really wanted more Joker and wanted him to be an A-plot component. And it's funny how the critics call it a cameo but he has some fantastic sequences that are really important for the film. He really influences the journey quite a bit."

Suicide Squad has raked in over $280 million so far worldwide in its first week of release.

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