Peacemaker: Metal Band Wig Wam Was Dropped By Agent Three Days Before "Do Ya Wanna Taste It" Opening Took Off

Peacemaker's fifth episode is now streaming on HBO Max, and it was just announced today that James Gunn will soon be bringing more content to the DCEU. Peacemaker has been a hit with critics and audiences alike, and fans are especially obsessed with the show's opening credits. Scripted by Gunn and choreographed by Charissa Barton, who calls the expressionless and robotic style "the Peacemaker Groove," the dance number is set to Wig Wam's "Do Ya Wanna Taste It." Wig Wam is a Norwegian glam metal band formed in 2001 who had some bad luck right before their song took off thanks to Peacemaker. In fact, they were dropped by their agent three days before the show premiered. 

"Three days before the Peacemaker premiere our [Scandinavian] booking agency [United Stage] dropped us from their roster because there was too little interest in the band," singer Åge Sten Nilsen (aka "Glam") said in a recent interview with Billboard. "I told them, maybe they should wait a couple of days ... But they didn't."

In another Billboard interview with Gunn, the director was informed that Wig Wam was let go from their agency only for things to take off for them thanks to Peacemaker. "Oh my God, that's amazing," Gunn replied. He also revealed how he chose the song for the opening. 

"I knew about them for a while," Gunn said of Wig Wam. "I read a bunch of books on hair metal and I started searching sites where you go to find different types of music. I get really heavily into different types of music at different times. I was really, really into power pop for a while and I have hundreds and hundreds of obscure power pop albums on disc. I got really into Swedish rock for a while and I would write on the Swedish music blogs and talk to the guys putting them together… and then I got into this. I got into hair metal and Wig Wam, for that type of modern European sleaze rock, they are not that unknown. There are other bands like Crazy Lixx out there that are super fun. We have another one of Wig Wam's songs in episode 7 that's pretty cool."

Billboard also interviewed United's Jan Roger Andreassen, who spoke about letting Wig Wam go. 

"First of all let me say I fully support the band. They are a true gem in the Scandinavian rock scene, and lovely guys to work with," Andreassen explained. "I sure hope this soundtrack will give them a whole lot of well-deserved attention beyond their original fanbase."

Andreassen added that United knew about the song being in Peacemaker  "for some time," but didn't realize what it would do for the band. "Usually a song featured in a TV series is less important for ticket sales and concert booking than one would think," he explained, adding, "This time it might be different though."

Peacemaker releases new episodes on HBO Max on Thursdays.